I-829, Removal of Conditions

AII Law understands that a permanent Green Card is, of course, a primary goal of our investor clients. An EB-5 investor is entitled to a permanent Green Card so long as he or she can document that their investment was properly made and that sufficient jobs have been created. This is done by filing an I-829 petition with the USCIS, which is done shortly before the expiration of the initial two year Green Card. AII Law works to provide evidence that our client’s investment has been sustain and that it helped create the jobs required. At this stage of the EB-5 process, our office is again uniquely able to help our clients because a number of our attorneys also work on the project development side. For that reason, they know which documents USCIS expects to review and they know where to find those documents or who to work with to obtain them.

An I-829 petition is typically filed within 90 days of the expiration date on the green card. Between filing and when a decision is made, the investor remains in valid status and their green card is automatically extended (and they are also allowed to travel). After I-829 approval, a green card is issued and it will not have any conditions on it. After five years of permanent residency – which includes the two years of conditional permanent residency – an investor is eligible to apply to become a U.S. citizen. AII Law has worked with and gained approval for dozen of I-829 petitions as well as assisted many clients throughout the naturalization process.