Filing the I-526 Petition

The immigration process truly begins when an investor files an I-526 petition with the USCIS. There are two different parts of an I-526 petition – project-related documents and personal ones. All documents must work together to demonstrate that an investor is eligible for the immigration benefits they are seeking, and AII Law is skilled at preparing petitions that will get approved.

To accumulate strong evidence about EB-5 project, AII Law attorneys work with project developers to prepare a set of documents to demonstrate the EB-5 project is real, viable and likely to create the required jobs. To do that, the project must have a comprehensive business plan, realistic financial projections, and an economist’s report that shows the required number of jobs will be created. Fortunately for our clients, a number of the attorneys at our office often also work on the development side of projects. We know the documents that projects must provide for investors to be successful.

In addition to providing evidence about the project, EB-5 investors must also prove that they lawfully accumulated their investment funds. AII Law works closely with our clients to clearly explain and document to the USCIS how our clients earned the money they invested in the projects. We do that by working with our clients to understand their financial history and then we create a logical explanation which shows how the funds were transferred from the client to the investment project.